Worth it to get a drone?

Coming up to my trip, I had many thoughts about getting some sort of drone to help record some memorable shots while I’m out and about. The only real downfall to this idea is the actual fact that I would need to carry around a massive case that it’s usually stored in. So basically it would look like some crazy guy running around with a metallic case full of butt plugs.

I was lurking about the internet looking at random outdoor quadcopter reviews and realized this is what I was really looking for. If I was going to get something like a drone, it better not be too pricey since I feel like I will inevitably crash it into something at some point. At the same time, maybe if I purchase some cheap one it’ll just break on it’s own before I get a chance to ruin it.

In the end I opted to not purchase one seeing as it would just be too much effort and I could better use the funds to party with locals.