What the Hell is Musical.ly Anyway?

Just like how Vine works, Musical.ly users (or “Musers”) record short, fifteen second videos that loop while music plays in the background. To make a post, the user is prompted with a choice to either choose from the app’s available library, or from the user’s personal music located on the device.

Since every other social network app has a “story” feature, it’s only right that Musical.ly does too. What is interesting about stories on this app is that it can combine 4 separate videos in one, essentially creating a one minute video. Similar to Instagram, the essential way to¬†engage with content is by either liking or commenting, and users are able to follow each other to be alerted about new content. There are even some sites that offer free musical ly followers so that your account can look more popular.

What really sets Musical.ly apart from the pack is the duet feature, which basically allows the the app users to create content together, regardless of their location. Beyond that, users can even host a party, which will get interaction from all your friends instead of just one.

The other side of the app is all about content discovery. The homepage showcases content like trending users with popular videos, most popular songs, “Popular Now” for top videos, and a leaderboard of the most active creators.

The search page of the app reflects that of Twitter’s by displaying the top trending tags. This gives users a general idea of what is hot at the moment. This page may also include some contests that are being run at the moment, that go along with the current trending tags.