What Is Fun to Do With the Family?

I am a huge fan of family getogethers and getting to see all of my siblings, cousins, and of course my dear parents. Of course, one issue that I keep running into is what the hell are we all supposed to do together? Are we just going to sit around and watch a movie? Or just hang around the living room and chat all day? Either way, both of those activities will lead to family bickering. I find myself constantly in search for the most fun family activities, especially when kids are around, but I still am not sure what the best activity is.

One thing we’ve tried lately is to board games. By getting the whole family involved, you can have a gay old time! One reason I love board games is because it has a bit of everything: some friendly competitive juices get flowing between siblings and even parents, and of course, it allows for other elements such as teamwork and working together between different family members. And let’s be honest, there is nothing more enjoyable than having your little brother land on Park Place with 3 hotels on it during a heated game of Monopoly! Or breaking an alliance against your parent in a game of Risk, and sending in 30 soldiers to take over a poorly defended country!

In addition to board games, I also like playing cards. Whether it’s Go Fish, Spades, or even Poker, this is another great thing to do with the fam, no matter the season or time of day.