Weight Loss Strategies: Stellar Motivation

Losing weight is a struggle. So many of us are overweight and look to all sorts of weight loss methods in order to lose the extra pounds. Still, the vast majority of people on diets fail at losing that weight. More often than not, they even gain it all back, plus more! What makes us fail so often? Even people who are normally so responsible and motivated tend to fail at this endeavor.

In order to be motivated to do something and see it through to the end, there needs to be a balance between work put in, and the reward you get from that work. The main reason that most people fail at weight loss is because the hard work usually vastly outweighs the outcome. You could eat right and exercise for weeks and only lose a few pounds. Such small progress can be demoralizing and make weight loss feel like an impossible goal.

Instead of thinking in terms of the scale when it comes to weight loss, you can use other motivational techniques to measure your progress. While you may be moving slowly on the scale, you could still be getting fitter and healthier all along. Here are some ways to keep you motivated on your journey to lose belly fat:

Measure yourself regularly
Weight loss doesn’t just mean weighing less. A huge part of the diet and healthy lifestyle goal is to gain more muscle and be fitter and healthier. While you may not be weighing less, you could be losing fat and gaining muscle. Although this doesn’t change the number on the scale much, it will change the way you are shaped. You’ll be slimmer in many parts of your body. Keep a journal and record your measurements once per week. Measure your hips, waist, neck, calves and biceps, or any other area you feel could use a slim down, and write it down. You’ll soon see the inches falling off, and a lot quicker than you would your weight.

Have strength training goals
Are you lifting weights? The more lean muscle you have, the harder your metabolism will work to burn calories. It is a great idea to lift weights and work on target areas such as arms, abdominals, and legs. At the start of your weight loss journey, record how many push ups, crunches, and squats you can do. It may not be many, but don’t get discouraged. After a few weeks of strength training, you may see a drastic improvement in the amount you pull off. Nothing feels better than going from five pushups to thirty.

Sleep better from the activity
Remember when you were a kid and could run around all day? Then when you’d get home, you’d fall fast asleep, out like a light? Children sleep so well largely because they are so active throughout the day. When you are exercising on a regular basis, you too will sleep better. The more activity you get, the faster you’ll fall asleep at the end of the day. Lack of sleep can have a drastic impact on how you feel throughout the day. Keep on exercising and you’ll sleep well and feel great!

Have a healthier heart
Do you have high blood pressure or cholesterol? Before you start your weight loss regimen, consult your doctor. Do all the tests to discover how healthy your heart is. You may find that all of the inactivity you have been subject to for the last few years has hurt your heart and made you more susceptible to heart disease or heart attacks. Now start your weight loss plan. Work out often and eat right every day. After a few months you should visit the doctor again and get your blood taken. Did you improve? Do you have lower blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol? If so, you have been doing a great job. How can you not be motivated to keep it going?

It can be a daunting task to change your lifestyle so much in order to lose weight. It may take the little things in order for us to get motivated enough to do the big things. If we get excited about aspects other than the scale, we have a better chance at achieving our weight loss goals.