The Whole Hoverboard Madness

It’s always interesting to look back at recent fads, and marvel at how they come and go so quickly. I suppose with the progression of technology, and the growth of the internet and social media, it’s no wonder that some new invention can just blow up over night. With technology moving as fast as it does, it makes most markets easy to get into for big companies, which in return brings the price down due to fierce competition.

One recent fad that took the world by storm was the whole “hoverboard” craze. I think what really sold the hoverboard idea to the younger generation was when you saw all the celebrities and internet personalities using them and being proud of them. It became almost like a item that changed your social status. The downside of it all is that the hoverboards were actually quite expensive when they first came out, then after time all the chinese models really brought the price down. With the price going down, obviously there were some problems with the quality of the products, so things like batteries blowing up and units melting down actually became a thing.

The fad blew up so swiftly that, almost over night people started hating on them and people that used them. Maybe there’s some jealously working there, but for the most part, I think the overall consensus is that anyone caught using a hoverboard is basically a sellout. You are a dummy that fell for the lame, short-lived teenage fad.