The Most Extravagant Wallpapers Ever

So the other night I was alone browsing the internet for some specials or deals during this holiday season. I typically don’t venture over to Pinterest because I find most of the stuff so spammy, and I’m not even into women’s fashion anyway so what’s the point. Anyway, somehow I stumbled over there while looking for ideas of how to spice up my living quarters some. Turns out there is a whole world out there that I didn’t even know about – the world of amazing wallpapers. I came across this post for a website of wallpaper Singapore, and literally everything they have, you want to buy.

Not only are the wallpapers cool and modern, but they also have vinyl flooring and mural art. The mural art was what I was originally looking for, but after seeing the styles and selection of wallpapers that they have, it has made me second guess everything I’ve been thinking. They have these awesome wallpapers that look like real textures, like stone and brick walls. They even have some vintage wallpapers that are to die for – but they aren’t the traditional vintage you’re thinking about, they’re more like a modern take on old time wallpaper styles.

My idea is to find a wallpaper supplier here in the States that can sell me some stone wall wallpaper. What do you guys think?