Is There More to the Law of Attraction?

Unless you are literally a hermit crab, you’ve probably at least heard about those self-help books, or “personal development” books. They are basically pandering to those that want to feel like personal success can be achieved through some sort of spiritual means.

These books are usually centered around the concept of the law of attraction. Whether or not you believe in this sort of thing, I thought it would be interesting to dive into this topic.

First of all, what is the law of attraction about? Simply put, LOA is this spiritually-universal “law” that a person can attract certain things into their life just by thinking about it and having the intentions of doing it.

Or, if you think negatively then you will bring negative things into your life.

As for real scientific evidence of this phenomena, I’ll leave the ending searching for you.

Second of all, how do you practice this LOA? To begin with, you’re supposed to use your thoughts and intentions as the main weapons. It’s said people use affirmations and vision boards to set up an idea of what you want to achieve. The idea is that the more your say or see something, the more it influences your subconscious, where it will hopefully influence your reality at some point. From day to day, one would watch what they say, trying to avoid negative words or attitudes.

Now the thing to remember here is that these are just the basics of the law of attraction, and there are just about a bazillion different spin-offs from the idea. They can typically be seen on some site that peddles various ebooks on how to achieve your dreams, and you can read a review here about one of the more popular ones.

Anyway, so what do these LOA people say when they aren’t able to manifest what they want into their life? Do they conclude that LOA doesn’t work? It seems like most hold on to the idea that if they are not able to attract things into their life, then their soul must have something else planned that clashes with what they think they want. Some people believe it and some people don’t — I’ll leave you to be the judge.