How to Play Game Boy Advance Games on Your Computer

Do you miss playing the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy SP? Well, I will show you exactly how to play them on your computer! You are only minutes away from playing some popular Game Boy Advance titles such as, Pokemon Ruby, or Super Mario Advance 2.
You need an Emulator
An emulator is a tool that can act like a Game Boy Advance. You need to download a good emulator so that the games you play on it have good sound, graphics, and everything else a real Game boy Advance would have and need. Start by going to Google and searching, ‘game boy advance emulator’. Once type correctly, you it should take you to this website called, emulator zone. This website gives a list of emulators. I personally recommend that you download the Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0 Beta3 because it is the best one. So download it already!

You need some ROMs
Now you need some ROMs. A ROM is an actual game file. Without ROMs, your new emulator that you just downloaded in the previous step is useless. Go to Google and search for a website to download some Game boy Advance ROMs. If you have one in particular, search for it on the search box that’s above the screen. Once it you have it downloaded, you are almost ready to play same game boy advance games! If you are feeling extra spicy then you could go for a more modern game like Pokemon Heart Gold ROM.

You Need to Extract ALL files
You need to extract all .zip files because some games might not work properly. Even the Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0 Beta3 that you already downloaded should be extracted. Once you extract the game ROM files and your Game boy Advance Emulator, you’re almost set to go!

You need to open up the Emulator and drag the ROM to It
Open up the emulator. It should show a blank, black screen. This is where you will drag the ROM file. It should get started and WAH-LAH you should be playing your desired Game Boy Advance. To learn the buttons and things like that, read the Readme.txt file from the Visual Boy Advance. Good luck!