Finding a Rental When Traveling Abroad

This sort of has to do with my time traveling earlier. Like I mentioned before traveling to India was an amazing experience, not in a white school girl’s sense of amazing, but it really was a chance to get a better understanding of how other countries and cultures operate. The patterns and mannerisms are very interesting when you really focus on them. All of that is great of course, but it’s not like you just book a plane there and go check it out – you need to plan your trip WAY ahead of time, to figure out the optimum period to go so that you can experience everything that you want to. Beyond that, you need to be sure you aren’t over-paying for everything. If you are staying somewhere abroad for an extended period of time, I would highly suggest you find a rental car to use.

If you haven’t done any research about rentals in other countries then you should check out a CarTrawler Booking to get a better idea of what the rates are in the area you want to visit. Even if you aren’t comfortable with booking the actual car over the internet, it will at least give you a solid idea of what you should be paying so you won’t get ripped off when you go to rent in person. People often underestimate the power of negotiation when overseas because they are used to it not being a thing from shopping in big brand stores.