Do Normal People Smoke Cigars Too?

The current year is 2017 – who still smokes cigars? It seems like when you think of smoking a cigar, it would be either while celebrating a special occasion, or while hanging out at the good ole boys club. I typically imagine some guy sitting in his library, that’s in a secluded part of his massive mansion. Fireplace dimly light in front of him that his butler has prepared for him, and a drink on his antique nightstand to his left. Let’s not forget about his zebra-hide rug beneath his priceless chair that was handed down through his family. Of course he has a foot stand to rest his feet on, and yes you guessed it, his foot stand is also the best humidor that he could get delivered to his estate.

I guess the truth is though that there are still average joe guys out there that choose to wind down their day with a nice cigar. Maybe they were gifted some nice cuban ones that are almost sentimental, if you can imagine that. Maybe cigar smokers in general just get a bad wrap because of all the snobby, high society people out there that think they’re better than everyone else because they’re pretending to enjoy a $100 cigar.