Birthstones: Which One Looks the Best

Whether or not you believe in the power and the hype around birthstones, you have to admit they still look cool. The fact that they are pretty popular makes it so that you don’t look like a freak when wearing some jewelry that has some. We all know what our own birthstone is for our month, and if you don’t know then you should look up a birthstone colors guide before reading further. Below are my top 3 favorite birthstones

  1. The Diamond – An iconic classic and the most popular of all the birthstones, it’s no surprise that the diamond is at the top of my list. It’s look and style is timeless and looks good with anything. The crazy part is that diamonds even come in different colors, it doesn’t always have to be the typical clear look. The reputation and versatility of this April birthstone simply places it in a tier above all the other stones.
  2. The Ruby – This stone ranges from pink to red, so it’s obvious why I would like it. Rubies were once┬ábelieved to bring good luck to anyone that wore it, but nowadays it’s more of a symbol for love and passion. However you view it, it’s no doubt that this is a head-turner stone that is a sure conversation starter.
  3. The Emerald – A stunning green gem that represents faith, wisdom, and success, the emerald is a bold looking stone. Some may be worried that green doesn’t go well with many outfits, but the truth it you should just let the stone speak for itself and forget about how well it coordinates with your current theme. People are going to say, “Wow that emerald is stunning” not, “Wow that green thing doesn’t match your shoelaces.”

At the end of the day, these birthstones are just a reflection of yourself. If you feel like wearing a certain one then go for it. Wear what makes you happy and wave goodbye to the haters in style.